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Nekera has closed the season on the slopes of Chopok (part. II)

Nekera has closed the ski season on the slopes of Chopok (part. II)

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Ski Closing, an event organized by Neker’s office for 150 people at Tatry Mountain Resorts, Jasna in Liptov, was an opportunity not only for skiing.

Of course, the skis were the most important thing. Three days of unimaginably beautiful weather – sun, heat, two-meter-thick snow cover, perfectly prepared slopes every day – all this made the skiing extremely successful. The most ambitious were on the slope every day at 8:30, then the lifts and gondola lifts started, then you could go crazy on the “corduroy” prepared by the snow groomers.

The best women in slalom / fot. AG

A test of skiing skills, but above all an opportunity to have fun in a friendly group, were the slalom competition, prepared on the slope on route No. 10. Goals were set up over a distance of 150 meters, and the competition was played in two categories – women’s and men’s. In the first, Emilia Kubik turned out to be the fastest (representing … Dubai Toursim in Poland), in the second – Piotr Musiał (not related to the tourism industry. The award ceremony funded by the Neker office and TMR took place during the last après ski on the road, right next to the Cristal bar on Bielej Puti. The youngest participant of the competition was also awarded (for a faultless ride) – the 5.5-year-old Zosia Markowska.

The youngest participant of the competition / photo. AG

The mentioned apres-ski took place every day after descending from skis. Always in the same place, always with a drink (tea with electricity) served by Arthur and Karolina of Nekera, always with music played by DJ Peter (every day in Neker). He was assisted by a special guest of SkiClosing – Krzysztof Skiba. Thanks to these two leaders, the fun was great. There were songs, dances – as for apres ski.

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Time is skiing, it is primarily a visit to the wellness zone and SPA at the Grand Jasna Hotel. Guests used the Sauna team, internal pool and Jaccuzzi outside. It wasn’t until the day of departure that some participants of the event had time to visit the Aquapark Tatralandia car twenty minutes.

The mentioned Krzysztof Skiba was a trip star. Not only helped to start everyday ski apres. His former evenings at the club at the Grand Jasna Hotel.

On the first evening there was a costume ball and basically a “vampire ball”. In a bravado competition led by a ski competition for the greatest outfit of competitors, it was wiele, fancy costumes, but one person could win. The winner was dressed up as a bad queen (or as Skiba assessed – “Vampire Burdelmama”) Kasia Suder.

The second evening with the skib had a more serious character. It was preceded by a lecture on the Liptov region led by Katarín Šarafínova, the. communication and marketing of Klaster Liptov and Jan Bošnovič sales manager for the Polish market in the company at Tatry Mountain Resorts. They presented not only the winter attractions of Liptov, but also the advantages of the region in every season.

Then Krzysztof Skiba talked about his life on stage, about the experiences from the communist times. It was a good opportunity to talk to him less playfully, even seriously in some places. Willing people could buy two books of his authorship and get unique autographs.

Finally, the third evening. Two hours of stand up, lively, full of jokes and anecdotes. “This is a program definitely for adults,” hard driving without holding hands “, strong words, a whole lot of allusions to the current political situation, to the life of great and tiny artists.

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If SkiClosing was to show Jasna and Chopok not only to tourist agents (45 came), but also to potential Nekera customers, it was fully successful. Perfect atmosphere, perfect weather, great atmosphere and high level of services from the Slovaks made many of the participants surely come back here and some of them will send customers here. They will surely know where and why they are sending them.

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